September 16, 2022
22, Oke-Poka Street, Eredo, Epe Lagos

Why The Entire Epe Can’t Do Without The Kilanjolu’s Festival- An Indigenous Talking Drummer Reveals

Epe is a City in Lagos established by Traditions. Epe, according to her tradition believes and Worships different gods. They have different festivals they do in Epe but the best among all is the Kilanjolu’s Festival. Just as Churches do Annual Anniversary, Epe must also acknowledge and observe the Kilanjolu’s Festival annually to make atonement to her gods. Kilanjolu is the only Festival that Epe could do in a highly elaborate way.

Different towns and villages in Epe have their own unique and definite time to observe the Kilanjolu’s Festival. So, the festival go all round Epe.

The Festival, according to the instructions of the ancestors was named Kilajolu, not Kilanjolu that people now call it. Though the name has no definite meaning.

Kilajolu has a lot of advantages to the entire Epe.
When the festival is done, peace will reign more, there will be empowerment and employment opportunities, etc.

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