August 29, 2022
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Online Bureau De Change Services In Nigeria.

Do you know that you may order foreign currency and obtain the best exchange rates by doing it online? For the customer, there are numerous advantages and conveniences to changing money online.

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In Nigeria, certain online bureau de change providers include delivery options such as home delivery or shop pickup. In this article, we will discuss some of Nigeria’s most popular online bureaux de change services.


TradeNaira is a peer-to-peer matching engine for corporate and mid-high value currency transactions that is both cost-effective and transparent. The infrastructure is designed to manage large volumes of transactions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The goal of TradeNaira is to disrupt redundant, restricted, and antiquated banking models by allowing real-market participants to determine their own terms and prices when it comes to currency exchange in Nigeria.

2. Everdon BDC.

Everdon Bureau de Change, based in Lagos, Nigeria, is a Dun & Bradstreet recognized Foreign Exchange firm.

Rate Alerts, Forex Brokerage, Cash Delivery, and other services are available through Everdon BDC.

Individuals and organizations can place orders (by online, email, or phone) for major foreign currencies such as the US Dollar, Euros, or UK Pound Sterling, and have them delivered in a prompt and professional manner with Everdon BDC.

3. AbokiMart.

AbokiMart is all about converting cash at the best possible rates, anywhere, at any time, in the most convenient and secure way possible. You can choose from hundreds of trusted and verified currency dealers on AbokiMart that are prepared to sell their currency to you at competitive rates.


Nigerians can use the platform to acquire currencies both domestically and abroad via internet transfer. Your account will be credited with the equivalent amount of your order.


If you value convenience and want to save time at the same time, you’ll probably use one of the online money changers listed above.

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