October 3, 2022
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Nigeria’s Top 6 Financial News And Investment Blogs In 2022

Even if you spend years researching financial and investing themes, there will always be new things to learn and stones to turn. That’s why it’s critical that you keep up with Nigeria’s top 6 financial and investment blogs.

1 Nairametrics

Nairametrics is a renowned Nigerian financial information website that focuses on financial literacy and investor advocacy. Nairametrics provides up-to-date business, investment, and financial information in Nigeria to visitors and clients.

Business News, Investing Guide, Financial Literacy & Personal Finance, Financial Management, and Financial Data Analytics are some of the major topics and areas covered by Nairametrics.

2. Proshare NG.

Proshare began in 2006 as a specialty financial information service hub in Nigeria, with a particular focus on markets, business, technology legislation, and the economy.

Proshare is much more than an information provider; it is a market leader in the local investment data and information market, allowing it to offer critical services such as asset support, due diligence, analytical research, enterprise valuations, and bespoke intermediation, all based on best practices.

3. Business Day Online.

Since its inception in 2001, the BusinessDay news report has provided relevant and reliable information about Nigeria’s corporate finance climate and beyond to decision makers.

BusinessDay’s purpose is carried out across numerous platforms and brands, including BusinessDay Conferences and Events, BusinessDay Research and Intelligence Unit, and BusinessDay Conferences and Events.


4. Nairabarter Blog.

Nairabarter Blog is a Nigerian-run digital financial investment advice. The platform aims to provide breaking financial sector news, with a focus on the forex, stock, capital, crypto, and value investing markets.

Apart from the blog, Nairabarter offers daily exchange rates for major foreign currencies to the Nigerian naira, making it a viable alternative to AbokiFx and others.

5. Invest Advocate.

Invest Advocate is a leading investment and financial news website in Nigeria, specializing on the capital market. Through our reliable, timely, and highly informational online media platform, the platform is positioned to keep the Nigerian financial sector and investors satisfied.

InvestAdvocate helps participants in the Nigerian capital market to use its online information service to run their business and obtain very good results.

6. Finance NGR.

Individuals, small enterprises, major corporations, and government organizations can all benefit from Finance NGR’s online financial journal, which is personalized to satisfy their financial and banking needs.

Finance NGR was founded in the pursuit of investigative journalism, with the goal of empowering people through small and medium enterprises to survive the turbulent economy, providing sound ideas on daily banking principles, and exploring the boundaries of international business through the importation of relevant goods and services, as well as providing detailed information on Nigeria and the global economic situation.

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