September 20, 2022
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How You Can View Private Instagram Profiles

Would you like to view a person’s profile on Instagram but couldn’t because the person’s account is private? Here, we have discussed ways to view private Instagram profiles easily.

After reading this, you will realize that it is easy and free to view private Instagram profiles.

Many wish to see the information of others without the owner being aware. Or who wouldn’t want to gather some information without leaving a trace? However, private accounts are an exception.

Some of the reasons people want to view private Instagram accounts include; spying on a competitor to stay updated on their Instagram strategies and tips, viewing a private Instagram account out of curiosity, or you have a crush on someone and would like to find out some things about them. Other times, it could be a reporter or writer who needs information about a person and needs to go through their Instagram posts. A parent could want to keep track of what their kid is posting, or a recruiter who wants to see what their employee or prospective employee posts.

However, it would help if you had a way to get this done because the person has a private Instagram page, and you don’t want to follow them because if you do, the person will be alerted.

Nowadays, there are ways through which you can check a person’s private Instagram profile. This will allow you to view private accounts and do more things on Instagram.

Instagram Policy on Viewing Private Accounts

If you are considering any means to see private Instagram accounts, it shouldn’t go against the guidelines of Instagram. The ways you can view a private Instagram account as discussed here are not against the guidelines. Hence, I present to you, ways to see private Instagram accounts.

How to View Private Instagram Profiles

Follow the Account

The easiest way to gain access to a private Instagram account is by following it. Except you have secular reasons, there is absolutely nothing wrong in following an account to see their profile.

This process is regarded as the best way to view private Instagram profiles. The reason is, you can gain access without having to take a survey or pass through any form of verification. You only need to request to follow such an account and be hopeful that they will accept you

Get a Second Instagram Page

If you do not want the owner of an account you want to scout know about you, you might consider having a second account. This new account will carry different, falsified information just to keep you unidentified. Interestingly, you can run multiple IG accounts simultaneously using a single mobile app.

Once you have a new account, you now use the new page to follow the private Instagram account. You can now see their post and get to find out whatever interests you about them.

While creating a new IG account, ensure you use a new phone number and email address, so your account won’t be linked to you.

Use Third-Party Apps

There are specific applications that may be used for checking private IG profiles. These tools can be used to amplify your marketing, to schedule and automate posts. Some of these are; Insta Stalker, Private Insta, Insta Looker, Private Photo Viewer, IstaPrivate, IGLookup and more.

How to View Private Instagram Profiles

Ask A Friend for Help

If a private account owner is a mutual friend to another friend you know, you can simply stalk them using your friend’s account.

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