July 26, 2022
22, Oke-Poka Street, Eredo, Epe Lagos

How I Begin Killing Rabbits at My Father’s Backyard

Adekoya Oluwaseun Reveals how begin killing of Rabbits Starting From his Father’s Backyard, in an interview with AbleGist’s Blogger Jimoh Joseph Ayobami (08070669371) this morning at his house in Poka EREDO LCDA EPE LAGOS. 

How did you grow interest in Killing Rabbits?

My Father actually taught me how to kill it. Though, not that he sat me down to educate me on in but he did it twice in my presence and that alone gat me. After relocating from Abuja to My Father’s House in 22, Oke-Poka Street, Eredo LCDA Epe Lagos here, I began to have enormously different experience. Bushes everywhere especially in our backyard. I began growing interest after seeing two scenes of killing the fucking animals.

Where did you normally see the Rabbits From?

Like I Said earlier, My Father’s house here is surrounded by bushes. Especially our backyard. The Fucking animals are caught many times in our backyard. At times in a hole or under wood.

How did you get to kill them?

Offcourse I can’t kill a rabbit alone so I always demand my brother’s assistance towards killing rabbits. At times my brothers are not at home, I run after the rabbit to check where it will enter into. I watch over the rabbit over and over until my brothers are available to assist me guide up to kill it.





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Elisabeth Owos
Elisabeth Owos
1 month ago

This is amazing

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