October 2, 2022
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Goalless at Halftime: Benzema gave Madrid the lead and was whistled for offside

Benzema’s goal was disallowed for offside. Screenshot/MovistarLigadeCampeones

Karim Benzema put Real Madrid ahead in the Champions League final with a goal that was disallowed for offside. There was a mix-up because the ball did not come directly from a team-mate, but from a rebound off the leg of Liverpool’s Fabinho. Even so, the referee deemed the action illegal.

Champions League Karim Benzemain the Real Madrid’s first clear chance into a goal final, converted Liverpool . After almost an entire first half dominated by
, ‘Los Blancos’ took the lead with suspense due to a possible offside by the Frenchman that was not offside, as the ball did not reach him from a teammate. Konate The Frenchman was presented with a high ball into the box, where he controlled it and cut back to a defender. He then extended the play into the box, where Fabinho failed to make contact with Alisson and Fede Valverde to clear the ball. There, Fabinho’s thigh before returning to Benzema’s control appeared between the three to try to recover the ball, which, after a couple of bounces, hit
. Fede Valverde Then fired a low left-footed shot into the back of the net. He threatened to celebrate as the referee, as soon as the ball went in, blew for offside to allow the VAR to review it. The question was not only whether the No9 was ahead, but whether he had received the ball from Fabinho or
. Valverde Perhaps because Fabinho was involved in the play even though Benzema was the last to touch the ball, the referee ended up confirming that Van Dijk was in an unlawful position. He was, by a few centimetres, further forward than

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4 months ago

What a match

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