September 11, 2022
22, Oke-Poka Street, Eredo, Epe Lagos

Congratulations For Witnessing This New Month Of June

*I Congratulate You For Witnessing This New Month Of JUNE. May You Live To Witness Many More Months In Sound Health in Jesus Mighty Name.*

I declare that this month shall bless you all round, your job shall be blessed, your home shall be blessed, and your marriage shall be blessed.

It shall be well with all that concerns you, from the first day of this month through to the last day, all that will happen to you shall end with joy.

Evil carry over from last month into this month shall be destroyed totally in your life, every good door you knock this month shall be opened unto you, every good thing you seek shall be granted to you, every step you take shall be in the right direction.

Every of your negativity shall turn around to positivity, your head shall reject evil, your mouth shall testify to the goodness of God, your ears shall hear good news, your hands shall carry prosperity, your legs shall take you to your fulfilment.

You shall meet with divine appointment, anywhere you go this month shall you take for possession.

Never will you mourn over any of your loved ones and no one will mourn over your life this month.

Today as you start the month, you are stepping higher, in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

*Good morning and do have a Blessed Wednesday and a Blessed New Month*


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