July 30, 2022
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7 Famous Celebrities Who Predicted Their Own Deaths And What They Said

While many would claim that most of these celebrities just say stuff like they are going to die soon simply because they know that one day, everyone would die, some of their deaths have been accurately predicted in the manner in which it would happen. Many things could kill a man, but for someone to say exactly how he would die and he ended up dying that way, calls for attention. Here are a few such instances.

1. Avicii
Avicii who was a Swedish DJ that rose to prominence in the year 2011 with his single “Levels”, said in a 2017 documentary that if he didn’t retire from performing, he was going to die. This certainty of impending death as he felt that his health problems and alcoholic tendencies would overwhelm him if he didn’t step back from the spotlight.

Well, on April 20, 2020, he was reported to have committed su!c!de even though there is no official statement on the cause of his death. His family simply said that he could not go on any longer.

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2. Mac Miller

US rapper Mac Miller predicted his death two years before it happened, while worried friends begged him to stop taking drugs.

In his song “Brand Name” he said, “To everyone who sells me d.r.ugs, don’t mix it with that bullish*t. I’m hoping not to join the 27 Club”.

On November 5th, 2018, it was reported that he died from an overdose from a combination of coca!ne, ALCOHOL, and another hard drug. Many blamed those who sold the d.r.ugs to him.

3. Bob Marley
Marley’s mother often claimed that he was able to predict the future even as a kid But perhaps the weirdest of all his predictions was the one about his death. At age 24, he told friends exactly what age he’d be when he died. “I know I’m going to die at 36,”.

May 11, 1981, he died from Melanoma without leaving a will behind. The disease was largely untreated as he believed he would live and die as a Rastafarian.

4. Michael Jackson
The public generally accepts the idea that Michael Jackson died from overdosing on a d.r.ug called Propofol but, In his last weeks alive, Jackson wrote letters to one of his closest friends claiming he was going to be m.u.r.dered and was terrified for his life.

He died at age 50 and his death was classified as a Hom!c!de.

5. Tupac SHAKUR
(June 1971 – September 1996)

One of the greatest rappers to ever grace the stage of hip hop was shot dead in a drive-through shooting incident. He was rushed to the hospital where he was later confronted dead.

A few months before Tupac was tragically murdered in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, the rapper featured on a song by Richie Rich called ‘N*ggas Done Changed’. On the track, Shakur eerily raps about being shot and murdered. His death was believed to be gang relates which later saw the death of another rapper, Biggie.

7. Dagrin
Barrack O’ Grin as he is popularly called started his music career in 1994 and died in 2010, he paved way for so many people to find their voices in the genre of indigenous rap. In his song “If I Die”, he discussed his death. He said if he dies people should not cry. He died of a ghastly Automobile accident. God rest his soul.

8. Whitney Houston

On February 11, 2012, she was discovered dead in a hotel bathtub. The coroner ruled her death an “accidental drowning,”


She’d recently told friends that she thought the end was near, and she’d even said, “I’m gonna go see Jesus… I want to see Jesus.”

Could it be that the power of the tongue is real? They could see the future or it was just pure coincidence?

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