July 31, 2022
22, Oke-Poka Street, Eredo, Epe Lagos

5 Things Your Girlfriend Really Wants From You Without Asking

Truth be told, relationships can be quite stressful and annoying at some period. You’ll be surprised that little acts are what keep a relationship. Breakups are like the current trend right now but it takes two to tango. Here are 5 things your “bae” would require of you without her asking.

1. Your shirts: I really don’t know why but she would always want to have your tees or your hoodies without you complaining. It can be quite annoying though when your favourite hoodie is about to be taken away.
2: Hugs from behind: Not just the words, let the actions speak as well. Random hugs from behind and a little peck on the forehead will do the job! She would definitely love it. Trust me, she wouldn’t ask you for this but it will totally make her day.
3: Call her beautiful randomly: Every lady loves to be called beautiful. By calling her beautiful rather than hot, you are subliminally telling her that you respect her. Though, spicing up your relationship once in a while by calling her “Hot” as well! Make her feel loved by the words.
4. Deep and long conversations: Communication is quite essential in any relationship. It enables you to understand one another. She would always want to talk and have long convos about your day and what you have been up to. Well, sometimes hustle doesn’t allow this to happen but it can allow that side boy slide into her dms!
5. Getting shown off in public: They want to be sure they ain’t the side chic, even side chics right now crave this. In actual fact, they feel more secure and protected, when you show them off to either your friends or rather simple gestures such as holding hands in the mall or while having a walk, the walk would mean so much.

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