July 31, 2022
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3 Important Things 99% Of Women Can’t Resist In A Man.

Welcome back to my page. I’m happy and excited to bring you guys another interesting article that will help you as a man to know the 3 important things women can’t resist in a man. If you are a man and you still don’t know why you are not attractive to women, then I think you might find a solution on this page. As usual, before I continue, kindly follow me if you haven’t because if you follow me, you will be happy for the rest of your life.

1. Fearlessness

Women love a man who is not afraid of anything. This is very irresistible to women. Women can’t avoid a fearless man. They want a man who has no limits, a man who doesn’t think anything is wrong with him. A man who thinks he can climb Mount Everest within a minute. That is how you have got to be with women. Women love guys who are bold and strong enough to face any situation. She will even be proud to tell her friends or someone who is trying to harm her that her guy is a fearless, strong man. I mean, she will be proud of you everywhere she goes. She will travel with your name. For example, if both of you are at the restaurant and a group of guys approaches her, she won’t get scared because she knows her man is there.

2. Talk.

Once you were able to approach her don’t waste your time just express your idea or feeling. Don’t go around beating around the bush. You should be tough and bold enough to ask for whatever you want as soon as you call her. If you want her number, go straight and ask for it. Don’t waste your time asking how she is doing or asking unnecessary questions about her life. You should know how to talk once you approach her. Take out your phone and ask for her number. Women like guys who are bold, fearless, and tough. She will never resist that.

3. Leadership

This is one of the most important things. You should be able to lead your wife. A lot of guys lose their girls because they lack leadership. You should be able to let her know what will help her and what will not. You should expose her to things that will be beneficial to her. You should be able to take control of a situation and guide her. That is why she is with you. She will love and see you as being like her father.


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